Marketing and PR agency Honeybiz is an agency for integrated marketing communications whose services and products are created to build communication strategy for clients.
The company’s portfolio is mainly focused on events for social awareness in connection with entrepreneurship, marketing, start-up businesses, creativity and innovation.
Along with traditional marketing, the company initiates leading projects in the field of corporative social responsibility, helping groups in need, development of students and donations.
Led by the vision and focus of our clients, our mission is optimum combination of communication methods and tools, to ensure achieving and exceeding the determined business objectives of the client.

This is conducted by complying with the following values:
• Operational excellence.
• Commitment and customer care.
• Developing, maintaining and nurturing long term relationships.
• Building values for all parties involved.

The product portfolio of the company is divided into three groups:
• Integrated marketing communications with unconventional forms of marketing.
• Organization of trainings for different marketing segments.
• Organization of conferences and projects.
Devoted to the development and perfection of our services, the goals of the company are successfully combined with the values of the mission, and their fulfillment is the work of each individual employee and collaborator of the company.